Equine Videos:

Videos are a great way to show off your horse for sale, or even just to have for yourself to watch you and your horse! Having a professional video of your horse will allow buyers to see your horse's great qualities, and encourage them to come take a test ride. Personally, when someone sends me poor quality video, that is 5 seconds long, I just skip over that horse. People want to be able to see your horse up close and in a high quality professional video. It may take a little extra money, but it is worth it in long run to get your horse sold fast, or just to have great video for memories. MWise Photography is now offering to travel to you to video you and your horse, both Free moving and/or Riding. We will even come spend the day at your shows with you!


Dog Videos: 

Personally, I learn so much from watching myself work with my dogs on the agility course. Professional videos give you the chance to watch you and your dog work up close and personal.


Willing to travel to your classes/trials/events!



*High quality video

*Video editing

*Music to fit