Event Photos

*Shooting photos at big events is new to me, so selling photos online is something I am just starting to play with. I am currently only offering to buy original digital copies. In future I may have an option for printed copies but for now only online download is available. If you would like to buy a photo from the website here is what you will need to do.........

1st Go to the photo(s) you would like me to send to you, push the share button at the top of photo and select the email option. This will allow you to email me the photo that you would like to buy.


2nd Each photo sent will be $15.00, please click the Buy now button on this page (Located below) and put in how many photos you are buying. Payment is done through PayPal, very simple and easy to use! 

3rd Wait for your photos to arrive in your email.

I know this is more then you have to do for most photographers but as of right now my website creator is only offering this option. If you decide not to buy a photos please feel free to use the share option on the photos:) Hope you enjoy the photos!